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My Alveolar Bone Graft

30 Jan 2013

My Alveolar Bone Graft from CLAPA Video on Vimeo.

The Alveolar Bone Graft is a surgery to repair a cleft in your gum. A small piece of bone is taken, usually from the hip, and placed into the cleft. This fills the space in the gum caused by the cleft so that the adult teeth can grow here and provide support for the nose.

This video is part of a project by the White Lantern Film Company in partnership with the Spires Cleft Centre. This project aims to increase the amount of information available about the work and services offered by cleft lip and palate support and medical organisations around the country to help children and their families lead healthier and more positive lives.

Children with facial differences such as cleft lip and palate sometimes have Alveolar Bone Graft/Grafting (ABG) operations, which can be distressing and have a profound impact on their lives. Currently there is little information available to support children undergoing the operation which can lead to an overall negative experience and reduce the effectiveness of the life changing operation. This video aims to reduce anxiety, increase confidence and enhance awareness of ABG and operations and cleft lip and palate operations.

You can read the about the ABG experiences of two of CLAPA's Children and Young People's Council here.